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Tesco – let’s talk?

I recently picked up a very handy booklet in my local Tesco store, full of useful tips and information about the science of climate change. I quote:

“Every one of us can play a role in helping to combat climate change. You can help just by reducing the amount of energy you use and buying greener products which use less fuel to make …start by seeing where you use energy and then see if you are able to use it more efficiently – or better still not at all

Fantastic Tesco, I’m impressed, the booklet goes on to talk about the new Sustainable Consumption Institute established at the University of Manchester. here “world leading academics (are) looking at ways to make it easier for people to lead greener low carbon lives”. Tesco includes links to the website for the Energy Saving Trust and lists the measures the company is taking to reduce it’s impact on the climate.

So, in the light of such useful and practical advice. ..I’m sorry Tesco but I have to ask … why did you think it would be such a great idea to email customers this week offering us 30% off patio heaters? Come on Tesco, if you want to be applauded not derided by the UK’s low carbon savvy shoppers it’s time to take a  real,  credible stance on carbon reduction. Call me sometime and maybe we can talk about the kind of supermarkets that can operate in a low carbon economy.

Oh – and I forgot  to say  – the title of the booklet?

How Can We Shrink Our Carbon Footprint?”

Any ideas readers?

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My New Column

Ok, so it’s shameless self promotion – but what the heck.  I’m going to be writing a new Column in Sustained magazine, you can read my blog on the website and as from the next issue, a column about low carbon communities. Hope you can find time to take a look and explore the back issues which are all online.

If you are looking for information about the Low Carbon Communities  conference later this year, click here for more info, or take a look at my conference blog to find out who’s coming and what’s going on

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The Low Carbon Conference Meeting

Organising the conference has meant a fair bit of travel, not good for my family life or the environment (not to mention my bank balance), so when one of our group came up with the idea to meet by telephone conference  using mindmapping software I was keen to try it (and how obvious – wish I’d thought of it!). Now, anyone who knows me will tell you I’m a complete technophobic. Like the car, so long as everything works I’m happy to leave the technical side to someone else and throw a complete wobbler when all goes wrong – so I was happy to hand over the facilitation to someone who knew what they were doing.

The result was that many people who haven’t been able to participate in the meetings so far were able to join in and I feel the experiment was a success. There were some minor hitches, the software doesn’t like linux, it’s too big to download on a dial up and it’s inconvenient if your phone runs out of credit half way through (mentioning no names 🙂

However, we had a constructive meeting, agreed to do it again and the feedback by email has been very positive. So, although it won’t replace face to face meetings entirely it served a useful purpose and we’ve agreed to meet up again in 2 weeks. Next time I’ll be at home so I’ll make sure I’ve got a cup of tea and a piece of cake to hand! All we need to do now is find out if there is a web based tool we can use which performs  the same function as the mindmap software, top up our phone credit and we’re sorted!

Just please don’t suggest video conferencing or everyone will see me sitting in the garden in my scruffy shorts  taking advantage of the sunshine and the wifi…

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Low Carbon Diary has a new home


thanks for visiting. You can now find posts by Lowcarbondiary here

We’re busy organising the Low Carbon Communities Conference which will take place in Llangollen on 4th October 2008. Please visit the blog for more details of content and how to book.

If you want to read about low carbon Cheshire groups, you can find my posts for the Chester Chronicle here



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Blogging over on new site


blogging over  on my new home

Go take a look, sign up for the RSS feeds and check out the latest from twitter.

Don’t forget to bookmark the new site, sign up for RSS feedss or check back regularly for latest news.

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A New Home for Low Carbon Diary

Following the launch of the Community Carbon Network you can find my blog here

Check out the Community Carbon Network homepage and sign up for RSS feeds so you can up with what’s going on in low carbon communities across the UK. Over the next few days I’ll be writing about my trip to Collaborate 2008, 3 days at the Transition Town Conference in Cirencester and news of regional strategy events for low carbon communities. I’ll also be writing about Transition Networks and interviews with delegates from Norway, Australia and Japan.

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